Friday, 1 March 2013

March Making

Happy 1st March to you all!

I can't quite believe it is March, which means the last whole month before baby Ezra comes. Maybe. Hopefully. We haven't been very good at keeping you updated, but we have been incredibly busy with all the making, and being Mamas. You know how it goes.

So, on this lovely Spring day (oh it is most definitely Spring) we thought we'd let you know what's been happening and some of what we have planned for Spring.

January and February have been busier than ever before. We have been knitting away, both for ourselves, our little ones, and for Mama Make, and our elf hats and pebble vests have proven very popular.

I have been on lots of different knitting adventures, and each one has taught me some, or many new techniques, which has all but deepend my love for this craft. Really, I can't get enough of it! Sam is already there and has an absolutely huge enviable yarn collection, with many things on different needles at any given time.

This last two months have flown by and have kept us very busy indeed- our Dorothy Dresses have been bestsellers and I've been making baby ones up to ones for 10 year olds! Aside from that, our most popular items have been our bubble dresses and gypsy skirts, our flared aprons and some Little People Slings (we might have some exciting news on that front soon...)

Sam is nearly finished an Alice in Wonderland costume which will be added to our 'Dress Up' range, and I am about to make a pair of very special pair of wings for Ava, which I think will be a good addition to this line too (all thanks to a very inspiring music video)

Aside from that, I'm about to start work on my first quilt order for a baby boy - including bumper and quilted clouds, and once that is done, I will be working on a colourful String quilt for Mr Ezra, as well as some other things (quilted booties, reversible trousers and little boy bloomers)

Since the weather is warming up, we will be focusing on more dresses and skirts, which are always amongst our best-selling items, so expect lots of bubble dresses and smocked dresses in beautiful bright summer colours soon.

And, let's not forget our MamaMake bloomers, of which I have already had a custom order through for five. (I suspect said Mama is, like me, getting excited about the sudden appearance of the sun!)

We also have some lovely new dress patterns to show you soon, including pinafores, swing dresses and layered, summery, floaty numbers.

Next week, quilts and Dorothy dresses aside, I also get to work on a lovely pure wool cloak, lined with fleecy cotton, for a very special custom order, and make a few things for all those March birthdays that keep my sewing machine so busy. But for now, we're planning on enjoying the sun this weekend and spending some more time outside.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

First Blossoms of Spring...

...or, How I Came To Love The Tutu

Lately, we have both been working on a number of things - for MamaMake and for friends and family, and whilst we're excited about showing you some of our new items soon, today we thought we'd give you a closer look at our signature tutu - Our 'First Blossoms of Spring' tutu.

The journey of how I came to this tutu is a long one. I have nothing against tutus, but I am, admittedly, a complete and utter tutu snob. I find most too much - too much detail, too much colour, and just too much fuss. Rarely have I seen one that actually makes me think; I love that. I would wear that!

Well, enter Oliver&S and their gorgeous book 'Little Things to Sew' that provided much of the inspiration for this. One of the main reasons for buying their book last Spring was their very beautiful tutu, with layers of subtle, similar colours on top of one another, and fastened with a gorgeous double-ribbon waistband, which not only makes the tutu very adjustable, but means that the netting is sandwiched between two layers of satin ribbon, ensuring no scratching or irritaion to the skin.

And I love it - it symbolises everything MamaMake is about - namely, whimsy and romance, and a simple design that contains all the magic and softness a tutu should, but that is still fuss-free and understated. (We are all about the Less is More when it comes to clothing and dressing up)

(We love it so much, we made it our Spring Banner!)

At the back, a beautiful big bow adds that final touch of whimsy to the tutu and hey-ho, it's done.

We tweaked the Oliver&S design a little, as we do with all patterns, to do our best to make it our own, resulting in a tutu with slightly more volume but the same five layers of netting. We love that the layers of continuous netting give it a gentle and oh-so-romantic feel that makes us melt a little. I kind of wish I could get away with one myself, but really now, there are just some things a pregnant Mama should not try.

For our Spring Tutu we chose colours that resembled the first flowers and buds of Spring time - soft peaches, very pale pinks, ivories and caramels.

We will of course be adding a summer, autumn and winter one too, in the same style, but their own Seasonal colour schemes and names of their very own. But for now, it is a small victory that I have figured out how to package them up and send them off. It took a while, and some kind guidance from fellow Crafters!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Introducing: Little People Slings

Our first 'Little People' sling is done -  this one is in a classic Mei Tai style, and it's reversible! It will be added to our ever expanding 'Dress Up' line.

100% heavyweight cotton with double-thickness straps, this can be worn purple side out or cream side out and on the front or back, just like a Mama/Papa sized Mei Tai. It also has cream stitching details on the straps and body. This size of Mei Tai will fit children from 2 until 5 easily. 

We'll be making these in a variety of different colours, using gorgeous cottons, some new, some vintage, and of course, would be happy to make them in any colour or size required. Also, we'll be adding details like pockets and personalised embroidery - beautiful little doodles, and names too!

We will also be making a ring-sling style Little People carrier very soon in heavy cottons again.

Ms Ava has been carrying her teddies around and giving them big cuddles. These days she is a regular MamaMake model - luckily she takes payment in snuggles. 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Introducing: The 'Dorothy' Dress

Sometimes, for no reason you can fathom, you wing something - you design it yourself, pretty much decide what is going where as you go along - and it actually turns out to be just as you imagined. Maybe today the Gods were feeling sorry for me after a trek into town for fabric and yarn had me feeling a little achey, a little tired and a little cross at how many people commented on my impending due date (Think again people, 3 months to go. Now move on.)

This dress is going in our 'Dress Up' line and is inspired and based upon Dorothy's dress from 'The Wizard of Oz'. My little lady is somewhat obsessed with this film right now, which I am more than happy with - it's my favourite childhood film - so a Dorothy dress was in order.

It's adjustable too, which means it will last Ava (or any other MamaMake girls and boys) a good 2 to 3 years of wear. Smocked at the top with buttoned straps, just like Ms Dorothy, then a thick waistband that ties at the back.

I do love smocking - our Smocked Summer Sundresses were a huge hit last summer and will be back with full force in our Summer Line, but it does make for an extremely comfy, easy to put on and adjustable dress. In fact, once your kiddy grows out of it as a dress, it can be used a skirt! Such is the power of good smocking.

But back to Dorothy - my dress passed the test. Ava refused to take it off. She picked up her basket, her dog, and with pigtails in, that was that. She was Dorothy (and I suspect will be now for days, maybe weeks, to come).  Now, to find some red sparkly shoes...

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Introducing: MamaMake's Pixie Hat

Every week, (maybe more, if we're feeling prolific!) we'll show you something in detail from our current line - ether something new or something currently on sale.

Today, we have added a beautiful Pixie hat to our MamaMake knits - these are knitted with 100% pure merino wool, which means it is completely natural and so very soft. These have a strap which fastens under the chin with a lovely button, and there is a little point at the top, ensuring your Little looks every inch the Pixie in this lovely little bonnet.

Pixie hats and Elf hats? Now all we need is something faerie like and we'll have a whole range of magical woodland hats to offer!

This weekend, Kendal will be working on a 'Dorothy' dress from The Wizard of Oz, since that is Ava's current favourite film (and she demands her yarn basket and a dress on, everytime she sees it!). If it goes well, it will be added to our 'Dress Up' line.

(See? Dress, basket, Wizard of Oz...)

Sam is currently designing some gorgeous Fairy skirts inspired by the flowers of each season, which will also be part of our Spring Dress Up line. More details on that to follow.

And since Ava's fairy costume (picked up for a couple of pounds at a Summer car-boot sale) had to be thrown out, we are also working on a very simple, Waldorf-style fairy costume which may even have silky wings attached!

Keep a look out for our Tea Party Dress, too, which is our signature Spring Party dress and will be added very soon (as soon as we can find where it has gone. Ooops!)

Aside from all of that, we will also be adding two different children's slings as well. One will be in a Mei Tai style and one will be more like a ring sling - perfect for carrying dolls and teddies around. They will come in a range of beautiful prints, some vintage, and are totally customisable too.

Pictures and details to follow this weekend!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello, and Happy New Year!

Wow, it's 2013! Happy New Year!

We are so thrilled to be launching our new Spring Line today. There's lots of information about it in our 'about' section, and there are lots of pictures up in our...well, our pictures section.

And, of course, please check out our Etsy Store where you can see more pictures and even buy things, should you wish.

Last year was a fantastic year for MamaMake and we hope that 2013 allows us to keep bringing you beautiful handmade clothes and other items that add a little bit of whimsy to your days.

If you'd like to keep up to date with what we're making, and with all the new things we will regularly be adding to MamaMake, please 'Like' us over at our Facebook page.

Thank you for your continuing support and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2013!


Kendal and Sam x