We're MamaMake. On most days, that means we are Kendal Mosley-Chalk and Samantha Jayne Gray. We make clothes and accessories, dressing up items, toys, seasonal play, quilts and artwork all with our motto of ‘Handmade Whimsy’ in mind. Simple but beautiful, understated yet whimsical, with just a touch of nostalgia.
Our Spring Line is the first line designed, created and handmade by Sam and Kendal. Inspired by the subtle and delicate colours of Spring, it is full of clothes and other pieces that captures the budding blossoms and whimsical hues of this season, with MamaMake’s signature touches – ribboned hems and sashes, elegant lines and attention to small details.
As always, we use only fabrics and yarns that are natural and kind to the skin, wherever possible.
Our Spring Line will include our signature Spring Dress – the ‘Sweet Spring Bubble Dress’, which can be worn everyday or made more formal with the addition of a lovely ribbon sash. Our signature Party Dress for Spring will be our 'Tea Party Dress'. We also have ‘Rainy Day Reversible Trousers’, our Spring Gypsy Skirt in a range of colours, Cool Cotton Cords and a lovely circle 'Swing Skirt'.
We have added a ‘Dress Up’ section which includes our lovely, elegant Spring Tutu – named ‘The First Blossoms of Spring’, with layers of ivory, soft pink and peach and a double ribbon waistband making it extra comfy but very pretty to wear. Also included is our new Rainbow Felt Crown and our adorable Frilly-Flared Apron for Toddlers and Children. Our new Whimsical Spring Cape will be in beautiful Spring colours, tied with a signature MamaMake ribbon tie and with a large rounded hood (coming in a few days!)
We will also have an entirely new range of knitted goods, from our much loved Elf Hats, to beautiful and whimsical Pixie Hats, Vintage Baby Vests, Spring Breeze cardigans and our Bluebell beret for babies. 
Our Signature Spring bag will be the Tomten Tote bag – hand-embroidered with our favourite Tomten and mushroom. We will also have a range of Rainbow Woodland Elves and Embroidered Tomtens for your Seasons Table.
Everything we make will be custom-made, taking your individual needs and requirements into consideration. Please let us know if you’d like us to work with a particular fabric or any other requirements you may have. We are grateful for your support and always happy to hear your feedback.

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